Intermittent Living Coach

A training of 48 hours spread over 6 days.

The use of ancestral challenges as a vaccine against the damaging effects of modern life.

Evolutionary and systemic medicine

What didn’t kill us made us stronger

Our system consists of an intricate network of interdependent mechanisms. We are a product of millions of years of evolution and challenges survived therein. These have shaped our genome and mechanisms. It ultimately made us human. What didn’t kill us made us stronger and shaped our physiology.

A conflict between text and context

The evolutionary mismatch

Evolution is robust but slow; mechanisms need decades to adapt to new circumstances. As such, our physiology still ‘fits’ the former ‘conditions of existence’. However, the past 200 years - since the Industrial Revolution - our environment and lifestyle have drastically changed. It has become anthropogenic. This has left us in an ensuing conflict, also called the ‘evolutionary mismatch’.

The above has been accompanied by a steep increase in Chronic Diseases. The high amount of the letter - and limited success in the treatment thereof - might feed the idea that chronic disease is unavoidable and incurable. Is none of us immune to the damaging effects of the modern lifestyle or is the unavoidable actually avoidable? The answer might be found in PNI and its connecting element: ‘evolutionary biology’.

Our physiology still ‘fits’ the former ‘conditions of existence’

Intermittent Living

The connecting element

These diseases did not exist before, and also do not exist in the same alarming numbers in populations still living a ‘hunter gatherer lifestyle’, like the Hadzabe in Tanzania. This led to the - in the meantime evidence-based notion - that mimicking conditions of existence of our ancestors could be a ‘vaccine against the damaging effects of modern life’. It has shed light on how to regain our resilience and gave birth to the ground-breaking concept of Intermittent Living.

The science of hormesis

Ten years of pioneering scientific research performed by founder Dr. Leo Pruimboom has indeed proved the notion that righteous application of ‘known’ mild ancient stress factors are able to activate resolution responses, leading to both prevention against chronic disease (care) and restoration of health (cure). This is due to compensatory counter mechanisms and is deeply investigated in the science of hormesis.

Ancestral challenges as a vaccine against the damaging effects of modern life

This led to the development of a unique concept called ‘Intermittent Living’. IL consists of comprehensive protocols combining ancestral stress factors. All applied intermittently, in an ingenious and evidence-based way. Rightly applying and combining the latter, as proved, can indeed serve as a vaccine against the deleterious effects of modern life.

A key role in the Intermittent Living protocol lies in the influence of the protocols at Nrf2, a key player in the science of hormesis. Nrf2 itself has an influence on 270 genes. Activation of those genes result in the – in the meantime widely proved - compensatory beneficial health effects of Intermittent Living. In a nutshell, it is all about becoming human again and using our system for what it was made for.

Evidence-based ancestral challenges and activities: ‘become human again’
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Intermittent heat
  • Intermittent cold
  • Intermittent hypoxia
  • Intermittent hypercapnia
  • Intermittent drinking
  • Consumption of nutrients with hormetic effects
  • Training of the human origin
  • Biorhythm restoration
  • Mindfulness
  • Deep Learning

The benefits for coaches

The whole week, deep-learning will play a key role. Not only will you experience for yourself what Intermittent Living can do, you will also learn to understand and thus implement the principles. This will serve both your own health, as well as your practice with patients.

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